7 Information Product Ideas to Sell Online in 2023

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Info products ideas to sell online

Offering and selling an information product are becoming more popular due to people spending and working more time at home, 1 hour more per day on average to be exact! Info products allow people to learn, study and master new hobbies, concepts, and skills that were never before accessible from the comfort of your home.  People who are already existing experts on interesting subjects are able to create a passive income by selling this knowledge through an online information product.

Here are 8 great proven ideas that can help you get a jump start on building your first info product. But first, let me explain what an information product is before we jump in!

What is an information product?

The main keyword “information” represents some type of know-how or knowledge that typically is presented in a digital form; the digital form is the product. These info-products come in a format such as a digital book (or e-book), a digital report, a white paper, software, audio or video files, a website, or an e-zine (digital magazine) are all examples of info products that may be produced digitally today. An info product serves as a source of knowledge, teaching, or instruction.

TLDR: An information product is an interactive or downloadable knowledge-based digital product that is sold online through an eCommerce website. 

Below are the top 7 info products to create and sell online in 2023 based upon ease of creation, profitability, and technical skill required to create them:


1. Cheat Sheets

2. Templates

3. Workbooks

4. Webinars

5. eBooks

6. Online Courses

7. Membership Sites

1. Cheat Sheets

Info Product Ideas Cheat Sheet

Skills Required: Copywriting

Revenue: $5-20

Time Required: 1 – 14 days

Format Sold: PDF

When I think of a cheat sheet, I think of a TLDR-style (To Long Didn’t Read) PDF document that gives me the cliff notes of whatever I am trying to learn or figure out at the time. This document is not going to be in-depth as an eBook or an online course, but it will more than likely answer the question I am asking (well at least we hope or ask for your money back). However, this document is in no way going to not make you an expert as saying an online course might do.

A cheat sheet is very simple and quick to make and depending on your industry and knowledge, you can sell that quick solution for a few bucks. They can be quite profitable with time.

2. Templates

Information Product Ideas Template

Skills Required: Copywriting, Graphic Design, etc. Software knowledge of target markets industry

Revenue: $5-150

Time Required: 1 – 5 days

Format Sold: Any software and or web-based platform possible

Another great information product is a template-based product due to the low time requirement associated with producing it and the decent amount you can charge. A template is basically a pre-made document or file that can be used to help speed up the flow of a project or task. It’s helpful because for only a few dollars the customer is not starting from absolute zero.

Templates are very helpful when trying to get a jump start on any kind of new project that your target customer might be lost or confused about. For example, when creating a new blog this person might have brain fog or are experiencing writer’s block (me currently right now), a blog template will help point them in the right direction and give instructions on what to do next.

One example that is very famous is the web design template market. Right now you can go and pay for different templates that are pre-built and will plug and play directly into your website platform of choice. Yes, you will have to go and go and customize it to your liking and include all your own content but it can drastically speed up the build time of a site, especially if you are just trying to quickly test a new business idea.


3. Workbook

Information Product Ideas Workbooks

Skills Required: Copywriting, Graphic Design

Revenue: $20-100

Time Required: 1-6 weeks

Format Sold: PDF

Workbooks basically take eBooks to the next level by including all the knowledgeable information of an eBook but have sections in this digital document that make the user take notes, work on written exercises, ask/answer questions, etc. They are typically step-by-step guides that take the consumer through a strategic journey on how to learn this new skill or knowledge.

We are big fans of using them ourselves when wanting to learn a new hobby or skill as you can get your feet wet before going all-in on that big swim. Info product workbooks save time and money before realizing that you don’t want to commit to that new multi-thousand dollar online course you just paid for.

You are able to make more money than an eBook as you can provide more value while still not needing to have a big technical skill-based repertoire. Even if you are not comfortable with graphic design applications, you can always outsource that work to people like us.

4. Webinars

Info Product ideas Webinars

Skills Required: Speaking to the camera, Live streaming tools, and video/lighting skills

Revenue: $25-$1500

Time Required: 1-5 days

Format Sold: Video Stream Service, Website Based Platform

An online webinar typically will have one or more presenters that offer their presentation to big audiences through a video-based format. Webinars are interactive online events where participants may ask questions through online chat or video integrations and take part by utilizing polls and other accessible interactive tools.

You may easily generate money with webinars by charging an entry fee for your live, online event. Frequently these live events will be sold for a higher value, but can also be sold afterwords for a reduced price. People are willing to spend thousands of dollars to hear from specialists in a certain field. Selling tickets to your webinar broadcasts is a no-brainer, but being good at public speaking is a must to feel confident in front of the camera.

5. eBook

Info Product Ideas Ebook

Skills Required: Copywriting, Graphic Design

Revenue: $10-50

Time Required: 1-8 weeks

Format Sold: Mobi, Epub

For those who want to read their books on their tablet or smartphone, an e-book or electronic book is a non-editable text that has been transformed into an electronic format. An e-book cannot be edited like other types of text that may be read on a device.

eBooks can be created in a relatively short period of time. However, charging more than $30 bucks is going to be very hard unless you are some crazy famous influencer or giving the world the mathematical solution for time travel.

Some eBooks are packed to the brim with information and content that provide a lot of value which will have a similar thickness to a paperback book. But recently a lot of people jumping on this wagon will also take advantage by marketing their 30-page pamphlet as an eBook. Please don’t be one of those people as you are driving down the market value of eBooks.

6. Online Course

Info Product Idea Online Course

Skills Required: Copywriting, Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development,

Revenue: $100-$8,000

Time Required: 4 – 52 weeks

Format Sold: Website Based Platform

Internet-based classes are called online courses. Online courses are often self-paced, enabling students to work at their speed and complete assignments at their convenience. These courses are typically not associated with any type of professor or university, so no need to worry if you didn’t pass the online quiz the first time through. If you’re looking for an example of an online course, go no further than MOOCs or massive open online courses which are free for anyone to enroll in (check them out, there is a lot).

Flexibility is the main benefit of online courses. You can do your homework whenever you choose. If you like, you can learn with anybody. You can even wear whatever you want to study! But for us, the main advantage of taking an online course is that you may spend time with your loved ones or do anything else you want while at the comfort of your home (we love the van). Not having to commute to in-person class is also awesome to consider as well.

Creating online courses can be lucrative but do require a lot of research, preparation, writing, design, development, and testing. It’s a big initial investment of time and money but once it is up and running and you are able to properly market the course, that return on investment will quickly come full circle.


 7. Membership Sites

Working From Home

Skills Required: Copywriting, Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Development,

Revenue: $10-150 per month

Time Required: 8 – 52 weeks

Format Sold: Web-Based Platform

A membership website is a gated website that has exclusive material restricted to members only. “Gating” information that only members have access to is utilized by organizations, clubs, groups, and even companies to give added value. Typically membership sites give their users access by creating a secure username and password to gain access.  Some ideas to put behind that paywall is exclusive material, features, rewards, Q&A’s and or a community to name a few. The best sites and platforms will have a mix of all the above and will constantly keep coming out with fresh content.

These are great revenue generators when you have an immense amount of content to share. By having a massive library of content you can retain members month after month as not to lose them after the first month as they have already digested all your content.

Which is the best Infomation Product to Create?

It all depends on your technical skillset and the time you are willing to invest in the creation of your info product.o consider if you don’t have the technical know-how is the financial investment. How much are you willing to invest into making something come to life? Once you understand the above, you will know which info product is best for you.

Another huge thing t If you have come this far in the article and still don’t know which would be best for you to create. We recommend taking a step back and looking at your industry of expertise and seeing what other people are doing in your space. What are they offering? What style of product are they selling? What is the price point at which they are selling? Can you improve on their product or offer something unique that people need? All things to research and consider when starting this journey.

Did we miss an info product you think might be profitable in 2023? Let us know what you think below. Let us know on our instagram page, we are more receptive there than spam robots who like leaving comments here! Or you can always send us an email!

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The Amplific Lab Team!

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