How To Create A Welcome Email

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In this article you will learn how to create a welcome email that will keep your subscribers interested in your brand. You will find a list of things to include in a welcome email, as well as advice and examples to take your emails to the next level.



Welcome emails are important because they have the highest open-rate out of all the other emails you could send.

According to a 2020 report by “GetResponse”, welcome emails have an average open rate of over 86%, which is four more times than other emails.

“The average open rate is over 86%! And the average click-through rate is around 25%. That means more than eight out of 10 people will open your welcome email. And one in four will click through to your site. That’s four times as many opens and 10 times as many clicks compared to other emails.”

This means that welcome emails are a great opportunity for you to outshine your new subscribers with your valuable content.

  • Open Rate 86.03% 86.03%
  • Click-through rate 24.69% 24.69%
  • Click-to-open rate 28.70% 28.70%
  • Unsubscribe rate 1.19% 1.19%
  • Spam rate 0.08% 0.08%


1. A simple subject line.

I bet you have heard about the importance of the email subject line plenty of times. Through a Google search, you can find email subject generators and lists of words that your subject line should incorporate.

But for your welcome email, you should keep it simple and clear. Since your subscriber is already expecting this email, you can include the word “welcome” in the subject line so they know that this is the email they are expecting.

Your welcome email is a warm greeting for a new subscriber. It is like when someone comes into your house and you are excited to see them and have them over. So make sure your appreciation shows through your words!

2. A personalized greeting.

When you collect people’s emails, always remember to ask them for their First Name so you can personalize your emails. According to a study by Experian: “emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened”. So why would you not personalize your emails? It is an industry-standard, and every email provider nowadays offers this option.

3. An invitation to follow you on social media.

If you are active on your social media and offer quality content that can benefit your subscriber, why not inviting them to follow you? Since welcome emails have a good opening rate, they are a great opportunity to get more followers!

4. Your best content.

Do you have blog posts that can help solve your audience’s problems? Maybe a tutorial on how to use your product? Or a free webinar? Your welcome email is an opportunity to introduce yourself to new subscribers and start building their trust in your product or service. So take this advantage to restate your value by sharing your best content.


Give your subscribers the chance to say yes.

Did you know that you can train your customers to say “yes” to you? You do this by asking them to take small and easy actions before you ask for the big “yes”. That is before you ask them to buy your product. So don’t forget to add a call to action in your email. For example, a “follow us” button that redirects to your social media profile or a “read more” button that goes to your “about us” page.

Set expectations.

What is the correct amount of emails to send to your subscribers? Not too many, because they will feel like you are spamming them and unsubscribe. But you also want to make sure that they don’t forget about you, and if you send an email once a month, that might not be enough. That is why in your first email, you should set expectations for your subscribers on how often you will be emailing them, or what type of content you will be sending.

Setting expectations also allows people to decide if they want to stay on your email list or not. You might think that the more subscribers the better, but you want to make sure that your subscribers are people who might actually buy from you. Having the right subscribers on your email will give you better statistics and a better chance of knowing your customer’s behavior.

Don’t do a hard sell.

It is a common mistake for marketers to go for the sell way too early in the buying process. Before you can sell a product, you need to show your audience that you are trustworthy.

In your welcome email, you can invite your subscribers to check some of the value you have to offer, but don’t scare them away by going for the hard sell right away.

For example, imagine you have an online store where you sell t-shirts. An instance of valuable content to share with your audience to entice them to check out your product could be something like: “Did you know that all our t-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton? Read more about our commitment to the environment”.

You are not doing a hard sell, but instead, you are offering them interesting information about your brand that reinforces your value. Plus a button that leads to your website, and who knows, they might find something they like there ;).


Take your audience on a journey.

As with everything in marketing, knowing your target market is essential to create content that sparks their interest and desire.

When writing an email for your subscribers, you should acknowledge their problems and make sure they can see how you can help them solve these problems. Be relatable. Have you overcome the same issues your audience has? Show them how.

Your welcome email is the first one of many other emails you will send through your drip campaigns. And you might be asking yourself, what should I write about in my newsletters?

Many companies use their newsletter to send updates on their products and discounts, which most times end up in the trash folder. These emails are the reason why people say that email marketing is dead.

But the true story is that email still has a higher return on investment than social media, SEO, or social PPC campaigns. 

The thing is, there is a right way to do email marketing so it sells. And this is by taking your subscriber on a journey through the buying process. A journey where you build trust in your brand, offer valuable content, engage your subscribers, help them find a solution to their problems, and prompt them to take action.

If you are struggling with making your email marketing work or you don’t know what to include in your newsletters, this is all we talk about on our webinar: How to write emails that entertain, build trust and convert.


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